Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How To Start A Private Hangout In A G+ Community

Private communities are a great way to take your relationships to the next level, offer group connections with your online programme members, create support groups, masterminds and much much more.

One of the great things when you have a community, is that you can also initiate community only private Hangout chats and video calls.

Imagine that your community is for your private programme members, and one of the keys to success, is for them to mastermind in smaller groups together, test things out and share ideas.  This is all possible with community hangouts.

Imagine if you offer both a large group programme and also break out sessions, smaller VIP events for your members.  You can do that using community based hangouts too.

Or perhaps you want to offer open office drop in events, where you are there for your members to come and ask questions, get feedback, share ideas.  You can do that with community based hangouts.

To create a hangout that is only accessible for your community members simply:

1. Navigate to your Hangouts page

2. Select the Video Parties tab

Select Start a party

Your Hangout room will open and you can now add a description (this will be displayed in the Hangout post that is added to your community) and in the invite field you simply add your community as those you are inviting to the Hangout video call.

Your members will see a post like this in the community stream and can simply click the "Join Hangout" button to come inside the hangout room with you.

Your members will also see the Hangout video call displayed:

  • In their Hangouts navigation panel
  • In the live parties area at the bottom of their Hangout panel 
  • Displayed as a separate link with a "Join Hangout" button in an area under the community description area (inside your community).

So no matter where they are when you initiate the Hangout video call, they will be able to see and access it.

What happens when the hangout is over?

When the Hangout room is closed - The post in the community will automatically change to show a "You were in a video call" post instead of the Join Hangout button.

And the Join Hangout button under the description are in the community will be gone too.

Imagine how much benefit and added value you can offer your private community members with this feature.

Of course this is only one way to use Hangouts to add value, deepen relationships and see real results for you, your business and your clients.  If you would like to learn more and gain in-depth knowledge and skills that will enable you to add more value and increase profits in your business,  why not come and join the GPlus Hangout Success community and become a real Hangout Professional in 2014.