Thursday, 26 December 2013

Why Google Plus Can Help Your Business in 2014

Have you taken a visit to Google Plus yet?  

Did you simply hop over there, look around, decide it doesn't look like the Social Networks sites you are used to, and seemed a bit overwhelming or perhaps even like a ghost town and so you decided to go back to your comfort zone?
Well if that sounds like you - as we head into 2014 -  it’s time to take action and take another look! 


Because not only is Google Plus the place for you to position yourself as an Authority in your niche, there are other benefits too.  
Google indexes every public G+ post.  
That means that your content is being indexed for search, and will gain more visibility than if you simple write a blog post or article on your website and wait for people to find you.
Google will follow your links

If you share them properly (using the link field) in a GPlus post, Google will follow your links back to your new blog post or article, and you will be helping Google to crawl your site more frequently. (increased visibility)
Search is personalised - there is no longer a First Page Google!

Previously the key to success online, was to get your website ranked on page one of Google, so that you cold drive more traffic and increase sale.  That is no longer the case, as every person online who uses Google search, is presented with different results.  That means that you now need to be engaging, creating real relationships, (which of course, you can do on Google plus).  
The more people you are connected to and who are connected with you (we are not talking numbers - we are talking real person to person connections and interaction here!), the more you are likely to show up in their search results.

So how do you start creating real relationships and those all important connections on G+?

Build Relationships

Start off on Google Plus by finding interesting posts by others and commenting on them. This is a great way to start conversations and get to know people. When people see you are interested in what they are saying and sharing, they will be looking at what you share and you will be building an authentic relationship.....

Join relevant Communities and participate

There are so many communities on Google Plus, that are very topic specific and you should join those that are of interest to you - see how you can add value for the members and participate in the conversations.

Use eye-catching photos to get more attention and interest

We all know that photos help your content to stand out and attract peoples eyes, so use great images to encourage people to interact with your posts and start getting to know you more.  Be careful with this though and try not to use photos if you are posting links, as that will mean you would have to type your link into the post description, and that would make it a "no follow" link and it wont get indexed.

Plus Name others and attribute the shares you make back to the originator

When you share someone else's posts you should plus name them (type a + symbol and then start typing their name to select them)  this will notify them they’ve been mentioned by you and they are more likely to come across and join the conversation with you and perhaps start looking at and sharing your posts too.

Hangout with your audience

Google Hangouts allow you to have a conversation with your audience and fellow Plussers, as well as with your current and potential customers (in real-time).  By Hanging out and sharing great information, engaging with people on live hangouts On Air, you will meet lots of new people and deepen the relationships to those you have already met too.

Gone are the days of faceless presentations and narratives, in are the days of real people connecting with real people.  When you can share your passions with others and they can see your face, your body language and your eyes, your smile - magic happens.  

People no longer want to be spoken to - they want to be part of the experience and feel a connection and an affinity to the businesses they are going to buy from, work with - Google hangouts allow you to do this and so much more....

Ask for help!  

Google plus is full of skilled and knowledgeable people and best of all, it is full of amazing people who love to help each other too.  If you reach out and ask for help or information in a certain area, whether you do this on your profile or in a community, you are likely to get a lot of responses and this will help you to connect with and get to know even more people too.

So what are you waiting for?  Time to grab your suitcase and get exploring again and kick start 2014 the right way ......  Building strong relationships with people and connecting to your audience in an authentic and fun way ....

See you over there....