Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How To Host A Professional Hangout On Air - Top Tip

I was watching a live Hangout On Air earlier today and was so frustrated as I listened to it as it was perpetrated by bumps and bangs throughout!

This could have been totally avoided, if the hosts of the show had done some pre-show checks to find out what noise their microphone would pick up throughout the show.

The setting for the Hangout was a news broadcasting look - with multiple presenters sitting behind a large wooden desk and awesome panoramic background.......

It looked very professional but every-time they landed their hands onto the desk, put a cup down or moved something around on the desk, it was being picked up by their microphone and the sound multiplied.

They most likely had no idea this was happening as often when we are hosting a hangout we don't realise that background noise, the sound of ourselves putting something onto a counter or a slight noise in the room is going to be so magnified through the microphone.  Sadly though their audience was bombarded with bangs all the way through.

And that leads me to todays Top Tip:

Before you go live with a public Hangout On Air, do a quick practice Hangout broadcast it so that you can watch it back and check for unexpected noises that your audience will be subjected to during your live broadcast.