Friday, 25 April 2014

Rumour has it Google+ is dead...

Rumour has it that the world was going to end not so long ago..

  • Did it?  Nope!  
  • Did people believe it?  Yup!

Did you hear that Google+ is a ghost town?  Well that's another big rumour .....

This article by +Jaana Nyström a Google Plus Top Contributor who has over half a million followers on the platform, perfectly describes the ghost town syndrome and what you can do about it too....

And now that +Vic Gundotra is leaving Google+ we are seeing a host more rumours circulating the web - 

The definition of a rumour?

  1. 1.
    a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.
    "they were investigating rumours of a massacre"

TechCrunch wrote a big article all about Google+ being the walking dead - funny how they didn't post it straight to Google+ page though and only had Facebook comments switched on, no Google+ comments....... (I haven't linked to that article because I am not in the mood to encourage their link-baiting and unsubstantiated claims!)

People are all talking about Google+ is no longer going to be in competition with Facebook and will instead become a platform - Uh? 

Helloo..... Google+ Plus was never a Social Network in direct competition with Facebook, who ever started that rumour?

Google is one of the largest search engines in the world and also one of the largest content curation networks - and Google+ fits perfectly with them being that too.... 

You see content creation and search are like hands and gloves, they fit perfectly together - one of the reasons Google bought YouTube perhaps, because that too is one of the largest search AND content creation platforms in the world as well...... What a perfect match!

All too often one piece of news catapults the rumours and people wanting to increase their popularity and search results (link-baiting comes widely into play here) and because sadly we are a nation of people who for the majority love bad news and gossip and fear mongering (could be why we used to have 3 bits of bad news to one bit of good news and nowadays it is something more like 18 bad to 1 good!)  Bad news, hype and fear sells!
So here we have the news that Vic is leaving and straight away we have the news that Google+ is dead, that it has never taken off, that it is full of ghosts!  

But strangely enough most of this news is coming from people who don't even use the platform properly, who don't have G+ integrated on their websites and also who have no reliable source or interviews or backup for their information.

+Amanda Blain   Who has 4,079,798 followers over on the ghost town of walking dead, has written an open letter to the misguided reporters

Well worth a read and re-sharing too......

I myself have receive emails and messages today - funnily enough not on Google+ but on Facebook!  asking me if Hangouts are dead and going to disappear .... Also from people who are actually using and promoting Hangouts but NOT actively using Google+, so of course how would they know that all this spectacular ghost hunting is rumour?

Obviously in reality, absolutely no-one except Google themselves +Larry Page +Dave Besbris   +Yonatan Zunger and other Googlers and Google visionaries, actually know what the future holds, and you may believe what is being reported by people who neither have a Google+ profile or a presence on the platform, or you may decide to enjoy what is one of the best places I have ever visited and taken part on and will continue to do so.......
So what will you spend your day doing?  Listening to rumours from people who are desperately looking for views and to position themselves higher in search by bringing you spectacular articles today, with no evidence or source for their claims and join the Ghost hunters, or will you spend your day focusing on what is important and the things that you know work and work well for you?

I'm off to Hangout with some awesome business minds myself, because Google Hangouts is one of the best tools that I have encountered and allows me to connect, engage and spend productive time working in and on my business..........